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Welcome to PDT for Cancer Cure

PDT for Cancer Cure was started in 2009 to raise funds for the benefit of people who have cancer and to fund improvements to the provision of services for those suffering in particular from non-melanoma skin cancers.

We fully support the promotion of Photodynamic Therapy as a treatment for many forms of cancer  and our focus at present is to provide Photodynamic Therapy lamps and Ambulight systems (see How it Works Page) for the treatment of non-melanoma cancers through NHS Hospitals and Clinics.

We have helped to establish six hospital clinics at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, the Royal Cornwall Hospital, the Northampton General Hospital, the University Hospital Southampton, Neath Port Talbot Hospital, Solihull Hospital and donated further equipment to Northampton General Hospital.

Your help is invaluable as skin cancer has risen by 80% in a decade and is now nearly as common as all other cancers added together. The study carried out by doctors by The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Foundation, highlighted this dramatic increase. It is estimated that skin cancer cases are now double the official Whitehall figures.

In the UK approximately 20% of the population are affected. And the number of skin cancer lesions requiring treatments is doubling every ten years as individuals live longer and are affected by the consequences of excessive sun.

Photodynamic Therapy is an innovative and increasingly important new way of treating skin cancer as it is simple and easy to use and as a treatment does not require surgery or the use of radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It can be provided through outpatients and takes just a few hours. For smaller skin cancers people can now go home while the treatment is working.

One treatment is often all that is needed and the success rate for skin cancer is over 90%. For those who are too elderly or sick to have surgery, PDT can be given because of its lower risk.

PDT now has NICE approval for a range of cancers such as: Skin (not melanoma), Bile Duct and Gall Bladder, Oesophagus, Head and Neck, Lung, Mouth and for Bowen’s disease. Trials are also underway to test the benefits of PDT for brain, bone and breast cancer.

The charity PDT for Cancer Cure was set up to promote awareness of this skin cancer treatment and to fund the establishment of PDT clinics across the UK so that as many people as possible have access to it. There are currently very few such clinics. Out of approximately 600 cancer clinics in England only 100 currently have this technology. Across the country restricted budgets means the introduction of clinics such as these are slow. For many thousands of patients, therefore, the only option they have is invasive and sometimes painful and disfiguring surgery.

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